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WeCanHookUp is a fresh new singles dating site for people looking to hook up. It features a simple and unpretentious site layout, a detailed search system, on-site messaging system and an active and eager community.

The sign-up process is very fast and effortless: all you have to do is enter your e-mail and some other details and you’re done. You can fill out your profile and personal details after joining. While I like the fact that you can sign up quickly, it also means that some members won’t bother filling out their full profile and sharing a bit more details about themselves.

As mentioned earlier, the site has a nice simple layout and is very easy to navigate. Unlike some other dating sites, WeCanHookUp is not complicated at all, which is definitely a plus in my book. You can edit your profile, account settings, send out messages and manage your contacts using the menu on the left; and view profiles, or whatever else you’re doing, on the right side of the page. You can send personal messages, “waves” or leave a comment for the members you like. It is also possible to keep a list of your favorites and friends on WeCanHookUp.

Naturally, members can also upload photos of themselves, although I have to say the system at WeCanHookUp is a bit lacking. All photos are automatically stretched to a square shape, so some of them look a bit off. Thankfully, you can still click the thumbnails and view the full high quality version – even if you’re a free member.

Now let’s talk about the upgrade options. Like with most other dating sites, if you’re a free member at WeCanHookUp you’re going to hit a brick wall if you try to send messages or leave comments for the members that caught your eye. You will be politely offered to upgrade whenever you try any of these things. The good news is, WeCanHookUp is offering to do that completely free – as long as you enter your credit card number. Keep in mind that while the “VIP pass” itself is free, the site will offer you various other upgrades (such as making your profile featured for two weeks for a one-time fee of $9.87), so after entering your CC number you should pay attention to what checkboxes you tick and what exactly you agree to.

After becoming a VIP member your experience at WeCanHookUp dating site should definitely improve. You will notice you can now initiate conversations with members via the messaging system, leave comments, use the improved search match function and pretty much use all of the site features as you see fit. You will also gain access to some naughty home-made XXX videos available for download.

The site community is active enough and focused on getting laid. If you’re looking for casual sex and nothing serious, you will definitely find a lot of like-minded individuals here. Note that WeCanHookUp is very much a US-based site. While they accept members from all over the world – and, chances are, there are some from your country, if you’re not American – you’re probably not going to enjoy your membership or hook up as much as you’d like. This is why I highly recommend you only sign up if you’re an American yourself – simply because people from other countries will have a slim chance to hook up with someone on this site.


    December 20th, 2010

    M. Boulos:

    Great dating reviews website. I read a lot of the reviews. They were really upfront and honest unlike other review sites that really push you to sign up for dating sites. I signed up for this site btw thnx!

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