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GCruise is a hot and active gay dating site sporting a playful slogan “log on, get off”. It is primarily an adult personals site, but it also provides access to some sexy X-rated content for you to enjoy.

The home page of GCruise automatically shows some of the members located near you. To my pleasant surprise I saw some hotties from my town there, so you should have no problem finding men or couples to hookup with in your local area either.

The signup process is some of the easiest and fastest I’ve seen – you only have to choose a user name and select your country and the city nearest you for the match search to work. Then you will be presented with upgrade options, which are either Gold or Silver (or you can choose to stay a Basic member for a while). As a free member you will still be able to create a profile, search for men in your area, receive e-mail (but not send it first), store contacts and upload photos and videos. As it often is with dating sites, the things you can do as a free member are limited (I especially don’t like the fact that I can’t send e-mail first) so if you’re serious about using GCruise you should probably upgrade.

The affordable Silver upgrade will allow you to read and send unlimited e-mails, use instant messenger chat, view explicit X-rated pics and video clips and use the quality video chat with audio to chat with hotties from all over the world (my favorite feature!). Silver is $30 a month, or $20 a month if you pay for 3 months in advance (great savings).

In my opinion, the Silver upgrade is enough, but if you want to maximize your chances you should look at Gold. It will make your profile featured and put it at the top of member searches. It will also give you access to some hot gay porn that I mentioned at the start of this review. Gold is just a bit more expensive than Silver at $35 a month, but you can go as low as $10 a month if you pay for entire year in advance.

Now that we got the upgrades out of the way, let’s talk about site features a little bit. GCruise is one of those dating sites with tons of cool features, which is generally good, although it can feel a bit overwhelming at first. First thing you should do is fill out your profile. That will take a while as you’ll have to answer all kinds of questions, from drinking and smoking to your personal attributes, entertainment preference and such. A helpful percent counter will help you keep track of how much of your profile you’ve filled out so far.

Since you have to fill out so much information, naturally the advanced match search will allow you to look for members with same interests, similar personality traits and so on. It is really impressive how far you can drill down the search to make sure you find your perfect match. Incidentally, there’s a “Perfect Match” search mode which will show you the people GCruise thinks are most compatible to you.

The site also has all kinds of social gadgets like a news feed of your contacts (kinda similar to Facebook), video chat and video uploads (which you can tag with stuff like “masturbation”, “sex” or whatever), profile comments and flirts and so on. By the way, even as a free member you can watch a lot of member videos, so make sure to look around before upgrading and decide if this site is worth your time. GCruise also hosts a lot of various contests like the best video of the week and such.

As for the community, I was pleasantly surprised with how active and friendly it is. Even more so about the fact of how many people looking to hook up I was able to find in my own area. It should be noted however that I have encountered some fake profiles as well, but sadly that’s a problem most dating sites have.

GCruise is definitely one of the better gay dating sites that I’ve reviewed. If you’re looking to hookup with hot gay men, give it a try, browse around and I am pretty sure you will decide it’s worth paying for.


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