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DATING ADVICE: Starting Out…

There are hundreds of dating advice e-books and smart phone apps for both men and women offering tips on successful online dating. But instead of investing the time and spending money on dating advice e-books or apps, why not quickly peruse popular and current dating advice articles and save the money for joining an online dating site!

Over 40% of single adults in the US are currently on an adult dating site or are using an online dating service with local events such as a “speed dating” service, to find singles for dating, relationships, networking or even sexy hook-ups.

Most dating advice experts agree on one basic online dating premise: you get what you pay for, and pay is the operative word. Totally free dating sites usually attract a lot of sign-ups, but not a lot of quality potential dating partners. Totally free dating sites without premium memberships also attract scammers and con artists, both in the US and outside the US. To avoid becoming bait for scammers or con artists, the best route to take with online dating is to pay for a dating site membership and interact with other paid members on an online dating site.

One of the best dating strategies in starting out in your online dating quest is to sign up for several dating sites which offer free trial periods. Then you can test the sites’ features and check out the membership base in your area. This gives you the opportunity to qualify the best dating site or sites you wish to sign up with. Nearly 25% of all adults who are dating online sign up for two sites to maximize their potential to meet other like-minded singles or to meet romantic singles or sex partners.